Quantum Nano Magnetic Energy comb

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The Energy Comb

Product Features:
1) Has healthy benefits
2) With beautiful design, fine workmanship and fashionable appearance
3) Based on the Ming Dynasty “Ben Cao Gang Mu”

Healthy benefits:
1) Promote the circulatory function of the cerebra
2) Reduce thrombosis
3) Strengthen skin metabolism


The selection of natural minerals and high-tech nano far-infrared magnetic material by combining refined products, the release of magnetic line itself acting on the head, cutting each other with the human body produces a constant magnetic field. The magnetic field lines activate cells, improve blood viscosity, accelerate the new supersedes the old.

Magnetic energy combs emit far-infrared rays of 8-15 microns, which promote the body’s micro escape ring and increase the blood circulation and blood flow of the head. This product is non-toxic and harmless. it integrates prevention physiotherapy and health care. Its a good health care product for every family.


  1. Long-term use of Energy comb can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, contribute to hair growth, more refreshing, longevity, puzzle beauty.
  2. With appropriate use, the cells will be fully strengthened, nutrients and oxygen to eliminate or reduce wrinkles.


Best time to comb the hair is in the morning, from the front to the rear and from right to left, so cycle, comb about 10 times


  1. Those with frequent Headache, dizziness, sub-health crowd
  2. Those suffering Memory Loss, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral insufficiency and other people
  3. Insomnia, sleep quality is bad, work pressure crowd
  4. Those suffering Hair loss, gray hair and other people
  5. Any one seeking good health


  1. Pregnant women and those with serious heart or brain disease or bleeding  tendency are forbidden
  2. Do not use near magnetized products and contacts in order to prevent magnetization.
  3.  It can disable pacemakers, someone implanted with pacemaker should not use energy comb.


Modern research has proved that combing hair and massaging regularly has six advantages:

  1. Can dredge blood vessels, help the brain’s blood circulation, enhance memory and help prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Can make the hair full of nutrition, prevent hair loss, have hairdressing effect
  3. Can dissipate wind, prevent cold, reduce headache
  4. The role of eyesight, combing hair to help reduce hypertension, prevention of cerebrovascular disease
  5. Can stimulate the brain, relieve mental tension, promote sleep and eliminate fatigue
  6. Help to strengthen the balance and coordination function of the central nervous system and prolong life




1 review for Quantum Nano Magnetic Energy comb

  1. CellHealthCare

    Wow wow…This Quantum Energy comb is comb is just amazing, at first when i read the benefits i thought it was a joke. after using it for 3 weeks i noticed a lot of change since i used to have frequent headaches. After 2 months i noticed my gray hair which had started worrying me had started reducing and today its very few traces……thanks for this simple technique …just combing the hair!!

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